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Kardoost Mineral Holding is reputable Extractor, Manufacturer and Exporter of Minerals such as Gilsonite, Chrome Ore,Celestine,and Bentonite in Iran.
In order to Provide IMPORT & EXPORT CHAIN MANAGEMENT, Kardoost Mineral Holding:

  • Provide Mineral Sourcing agent Services for foreign holdings.

  • Purchase and invest in extracting of Gilsonite,Chrome ore,and Celestine mines

  • Employ and put Specialized mine engineers, R& D and Business developers, Quality Control, inspection, Logistics, and Commercial team.

  • Set MOU and Joint Venture Agreement with partners in Italy, Germany, China, India, UAE, and

  • Malaysia to be official agents of Kardoost holding.

  • Set contract with valid laboratories and Inspection and SGS companies.

By the way kardoost has a plant extracts and herbs department supply licorice extract powder, block and liquid. Read more...

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